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The safety and nomenclature of inverted vertical drawing machine

Dec 07, 2017

In the actual work,since the inverted vertical drawing machine has good performance,we can directly apply it to the mechanical production .However, by the weight of the drum is larger both connected to the reducer, if the inverted vertical drawing machine stops suddenly, the drum will continue to drive the reducer because of the inertia.

At the same time, with the drive of the speed reducer, the motor also produces a certain degree of rotation.If it is in this state for a long time, it will damage the motor of the inverted vertical drawing machine.For solving this problem, the manufacturer will install a brake device specially on the wire drawing machine.So when the motor stops running, the brakes are started and the system is stopped, never again.

It can be seen that after installing the brake device, the safety performance of the inverted vertical drawing machine is further improved, also motor is protected as well .In addition, all the rotating parts of the machine are equipped with protective devices such as guardrails and shields, so users can safely use them.

Certainly we need to observe the operating procedures strictly to ensure the production safety during the operation of inverted vertical drawing machine.In the practical work, the machine have the double functions of wire collection and wire drawing at the same time, and the device also has high automation level, significantly improve the use efficiency of the receive coil weight, maximum satisfy the technical requirements of heavy coil.

Compared with other similar equipment, the output of inverted vertical drawing machine is very considerable.The device is stable in operation, both the noise is small, and it adopted the inverted structure, the rotating device and wire drawing reel handstand Settings, that’s the main reason why we call it inverted vertical drawing machine.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/