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The reason why the surface drawn by the wire drawing machine is oxidized

Sep 27, 2020

1. The temperature of the cooling water in the sealed chamber is too high, exceeding 40℃, so that the sealed chamber will not be able to achieve the required cooling effect on the metal wire, resulting in the monofilament whose temperature is still very high after annealing, and encounters air at high temperature Oxygen.

2. The saponification liquid content of the coolant in the sealed chamber is not enough, which will increase the friction between the metal wire and each guide wheel, and then the temperature of the metal wire will rise again, causing the surface of the metal wire to oxidize.

3. The water pressure and water volume of the cooling water in the sealed chamber are not enough, so that the metal wire cannot achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.

Add a substance that can increase the concentration of the saponification solution in the sealed chamber at regular intervals, so that the content of the saponification solution in the cooling water can be changed to ensure that the wire can run normally on the guide wheel; regularly check whether the water pressure of the circulating water is normal. During production, the pressure and volume of cooling water entering the sealed chamber are constantly changed according to the change of water pressure.