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High efficiency and energy saving of wire drawing machine

Sep 25, 2020

The wire drawing machine can also save energy and electricity when in use. We can use a product called an electromagnetic heater, as long as the surface of the wire drawing machine barrel is wrapped with a layer of insulation cotton, and a layer of electromagnetic heating coil is added. , Electromagnetic induction will occur when the electromagnetic coil is added, and the barrel will automatically heat up. The temperature generated by the existence of the thermal insulation cotton will not be transmitted to the air, so the electric energy is saved. Compared with the heating coil, the electromagnetic heater can at least It saves more than 30% of the electricity, which is very economical and cost-effective, and the heating speed is very ideal. It is currently the best working partner of the wire drawing machine.

The high-efficiency and energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device of the wire drawing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat, and the screw is not easily bent and deformed through balanced heating, which not only saves maintenance costs, but also improves product quality due to uniform heating. According to statistics, the sales price of products produced after the transformation of the high-efficiency and energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device can increase by 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton. Moreover, under the same conditions, equipment such as wire drawing machines can save more than 60% of electricity than using resistance wire heating. The heating device can quickly heat up to 600 degrees Celsius through intelligent control, so that workers do not need to work in an environment where coal and coke are smoked and roasted at high temperature.