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The operating speed and safe operation of the pickling-free rust remover

Feb 15, 2021

It is commendable that the control system of the pickling-free rust remover can provide a very accurate and smooth line speed during operation. The pickling-free rust remover system has very high requirements for speed control, and the entire system is relatively complicated. , Its control equipment requires coordination between various motors. The system uses four servo motors to control, which can fully meet the real-time interaction between data. In order to ensure the position of the side line of the track according to the algorithm, it is required that the line of the line can be quickly calculated.

The pickling-free rust remover makes full use of its servo internal firmware function when it is running. The calculation of the drive itself greatly omits the total time for calculating the line position of the traditional wire drawing machine control system. Then send the instruction to the driver to ensure the row line to minimize the delay through the controller.

The content of the safe operation of the pickling-free rust remover:

1. Whether the different lubrication points are completely lubricated, whether the pressure of the water path and the air path are normal, and whether the wire drop frame on the trolley is complete, after the power of the equipment is connected, the AC main motor is turned on, and then ensure that there is no acid The washing and derusting machine can run for a period of time without load, which is convenient for detailed inspection of the equipment.

2. For the host in the pickling-free rust remover, it should be started slowly, and then the speed can be gradually increased to reach the final normal operating speed.

3. The operator must wear corresponding protective gloves during the entire operation to prevent it from causing burns to the human body or affecting the product in an appropriate amount.

4. When the pickling-free rust remover is pneumatic, check the belt swing. Once the problem is found, it should be solved and dealt with in a timely and effective manner. During the operation of the no-pickling rust remover, the operating personnel It is not allowed to stand at the front exit of the wire drawing machine to prevent the workpiece from flying out and causing harm to the human body.

5. When the same pickling-free rust remover is working, the working pressure must be closely observed, and it must not exceed the range of the red line, so as to avoid accidents during the operation of the wire drawing machine , It cannot be overhauled. If you do not need to use the acid-free rust remover for a long time, fortunately, the total power supply can be completely turned off.