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the advantage of straight line wire drawing machine

May 04, 2017

Applicable to high/low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, non-ferrous metals wire. Mechanical features include the drawing capstan undergoes the hardness spray welding and grinding treatment as well as dynamic balance verification. With internal water cooling and external fan cooling systems; the drawing die base can be drawn out, easy for replacement, and equipped with internal water cooling system; with the protection devices including the safe gate, breaking stop, and emergency stop, the driving gear in the gear box undergoes the high hardness grinding treatment, long in service life and low noise.

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Material strength: 1300MPa

Motor type: frequency type

Wire Drawing Production Line:

The full production line includes: pay-off stand----wire descaling machine (pre-treatment)----wire pointing machine----butt welding machine-----wire drawing machine----annealing machine ----spooler take-up

high speed line wire drawing machine

High speed line wire drawing machine 

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