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What are the factors that affect the tensile effect of copper wire drawing machine?

Aug 15, 2017

In the actual work, if the intention of observation, then we will find that there are many factors that will be on the copper drawing machine stretching effect have a certain impact. And what are these different factors? The first is the impact of the raw materials used, why do you say that? For example, under the same conditions, pull the copper wire to pull the tensile strength of aluminum.

This is because when drawing aluminum, if you use the same large pull, then it is easy to pull off the aluminum, so when drawing aluminum, you should choose a larger safety factor. Followed by the tensile strength of the material, including the chemical composition of materials, rolling process. Normally, if the tensile strength of the material is higher, the greater the tensile force of the copper wire drawing machine.

The third factor is the deformation of the die hole, which is because the greater the amount of deformation, then the greater the length of the cavity deformation section, then this will increase the positive pressure on the hole, Machine pull the process, the resulting friction will increase. At the same time it means that the size of the tensile force will increase.

The fourth factor is the friction between the material and the die hole. If the friction is greater, then the corresponding use of the tensile force will increase. Normally, this coefficient of friction depends primarily on the finish of the wire and mold material and the composition and quantity of the lubricant. The fifth is the size of the die die hole design, if the sizing area is larger, then the copper wire drawing machine's tensile force is relatively large.

In addition, there are other factors. Such as the use of the wire is not straight enough, or in the course of the line there is a jitter situation, then this will increase the resistance of the line, but also increase the copper wire drawing machine equipment tensile force.

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