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Share copper wire drawing machine debugging and operation skills

Mar 31, 2018

Copper wire drawing machine is widely used in the wire and cable industry and metal building materials and other related fields. As a commonly used metal wire processing equipment, the main performance characteristics of copper wire drawing machine is to process the copper wire into various specifications of thin wires, which are generally composed of pay-off line, water cooling, take-up line, and cable line. Among them, the electric drive part is mainly composed of a take-off motor, a take-up motor and a cable motor.


In the production process, we need to master the correct debugging and operating skills, which is conducive to better complete production operations. Usually after the copper wire drawing machine is installed and checked to confirm that its circuit is correct, close the power switch. Then start the main motor and turn the FM potentiometer to start the motor. In this process, special attention should be paid to checking whether the direction of the motor's operation is consistent with the direction required by the machine.


It should be noted that at this time, the copper wire drawing machine equipment should be allowed to run for about thirty minutes. Observe its operation status and whether there is any abnormality. If there is abnormal noise, stop checking and adjusting. In addition, it is necessary to jog the foot switch to see if the jog operation of the equipment is appropriate.


Next, according to the provisions, the wire take-up motor shall be turned on, and appropriate adjustments shall be made so that the wire take-up torque motor of the copper wire drawing machine equipment will be rotated to check whether the wire take-up operation is normal and whether the rotation direction of the motor air blower is correct. Bad main motor), adjust the cable, add oil.


In addition to these needs attention, in the production of copper wire drawing machine equipment, the operator also needs to configure the drawing mold according to the diameter of the wire and configure the lubricating solution. According to the size of the drawing wire diameter, the mold of the copper wire drawing machine equipment is adjusted to reach the wire diameter required by the user.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/