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Copper wire drawing machine production quality control and emergency handling

Mar 24, 2018

During the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, the operator needs to operate as required. At the same time, certain measures must be taken to ensure product quality. The quality control of copper wire drawing machine equipment is as follows:


First of all, before starting the copper wire drawing machine equipment, the copper rods should be carefully checked to ensure that qualified copper rods are used. And copper rod welding should be smooth and firm.


Secondly, during the operation of the copper wire drawing machine equipment, staff should be arranged to inspect the running status of the unit frequently, and measure the wire diameter and observe the surface condition of the wire, and find that poor lubrication and wear of the wire mold are timely adjusted. Similarly, pay attention to check the main motor and constant speed wheel motor and cable speed synchronous and constant tension take-up line, found that the synchronization is not constant or tension is not constant should be given timely adjustments, cable requirements neat.


Third, with the use of copper wire drawing machine equipment, if a slight abrasion of the drawing drum is found, it can be changed inside and outside, and the drawing rim can be replaced after both sides are worn out.


In addition to these requirements, after the production of the copper wire drawing machine is completed, the self-tested products must be affixed with qualified labels that meet the requirements, and they must not be stuffed into the coils and stacked neatly at the designated locations. After work, all cylinders should be in non-operating state and the extended piston rod must be polished. After shutting down the equipment, it should be promptly cleaned and the water, electricity, and air circuit switch valves closed.


It should be noted that during the operation of the copper wire drawing machine equipment, correct measures must be taken in the event of an emergency. In the event of personal or equipment injury accidents that require emergency stop, the staff member shall press the emergency stop button in the shortest possible time, and properly handle and report on-duty leadership according to the safety plan.


It is important to remember that the emergency stop has certain hazards to the copper wire drawing machine equipment, so it can only be used when endangering personal safety and equipment safety. It is forbidden to use under normal power on condition.