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Several problems that users of inverted wire drawing machine should pay attention to

Jun 22, 2018

In order to maintain the stable operation of the inverted wire drawing machine as much as possible, the user needs to notice two basic problems. First of all, during installation and placement, it is necessary to ensure that the inverted wire drawing machine is placed on a flat floor and the bottom is fixed and reliable.


This is mainly to effectively prevent the occurrence of shaking during the operation of the inverted drawing machine. In the process of debugging, it is necessary to maintain the symmetry of the drawing axis of the drawing machine and the center of the die hole so that the wire can be evenly drawn.


Another problem is that during the operation of an inverted wire drawing machine, care should be taken not to shut down the device frequently. This is because the tension caused by the tensile stress produced during the initial stage of equipment pull-out is more obvious, and it will also increase the wear on the equipment.


In addition, during the drawing operation, the wire for the pull wire should be preheated in advance. Of course, we must not only pay attention to the operating requirements of inverted wire drawing machine equipment, but also ensure the quality of raw materials. Only in this way can a qualified finished wire be obtained.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/