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Copper drawing machine role and mold knowledge

Jun 23, 2018

Copper drawing machine  is mainly used for drawing filaments, and its applications include wire and cable factories, copper factories and copper clad aluminum plants. The Copper drawing machine  belongs to the prefabrication equipment for production of metal products such as standard parts. The purpose is to draw the wire or bar of a metal product manufacturing enterprise.


After the processing of the Copper drawing machine  equipment, the properties of the metal wire rod or bar, such as its diameter, roundness, internal metallurgical structure, surface finish and straightness, can be met with the production of metal products such as standard parts. Raw material processing requirements.


In fact, Copper drawing machine  equipment will directly affect the quality of wire rods and rods, as well as the production quality of standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises. In practice, the drawing die must be configured according to the diameter of the wire, the material of the wire, and the configuration of the lubricating solution.


In other words, when the Copper drawing machine  is drawing the copper wire, different specifications need to be configured to match the mold. The user needs to adjust the mold of the mold table according to the diameter of the drawn wire to achieve the purpose of the user's desired wire diameter.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/