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Safe operation of straightening and cutting machine (二)

May 03, 2020

(1) According to the diameter of the required straightening bar, select the appropriate straightening block, traction sheave and transmission speed. The aperture of the straightening block should be 2mm ~ 5mm larger than the diameter of the steel bar, and the groove of the traction wheel should be consistent with the diameter of the required steel bar.

(2) Attention must be paid to adjust the straightening block. In the straightening block, there are generally five straightening blocks. The first and second straightening blocks must be placed on the center line, and the middle three can deviate from the center line. First offset the steel bar by an offset of about 3mm. After trial straightening, if the steel bar still bends slowly, you can gradually increase the offset until the steel bar is straightened.

(3) A steel pipe with a length of about 1m should be installed at the front of the guide tube. The steel bar to be straightened should first pass through the steel pipe, and then penetrate into the guide tube and the straightening tube to prevent each end of the steel bar from popping out and hurting people when the straightening is completed.

(4) Before the straightening block is fixed and the protective cover is not covered, it is not allowed to penetrate the steel bar to prevent the straightening block from flying out and hurting people after the straightening and cutting machine is activated.