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Safe operation of straightening and cutting machine (一)

May 02, 2020

The current technicians will train when operating a new machine, or let experienced personnel teach them how to use them, so safety is still more important, as is the straightening and cutting machine. What are the technical characteristics of the safe operation of straight cutting machine?

(1) When installing the receiving frame, the technical characteristics of the safe operation of the straightening and cutting machine should be aligned with the center line of the guide tube, the straightening tube and the lower knife hole.

(2) After installation, check whether the electrical system and other components are damaged, whether the connecting parts of the machine are firm and reliable, and whether the transmission parts are flexible. After confirming that all parts are normal, the trial operation can be carried out. During the trial operation, the bearing temperature should be checked to see if the workpieces such as hammer head, cutter and shear gear are normal. Only after confirming that there is no abnormality in the straightening and cutting machine, it can be used for feeding, testing straightening and cutting.