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Problems in the use of inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 15, 2020

Many wire-drawing machines are unable to resolve the phenomenon of wire throwing and chaotic wires during work. The use of inverted wire-drawing machines solves this problem very well. In the actual application process, it is often necessary to use large-scale heavy bearing steel wire, but the final mass of a coil of steel on a vertical or horizontal drawing machine-generally does not exceed 200-300kg, which cannot meet the requirements; while the wire-rewinding machine is only suitable for diameters less than 6mm Steel wire also cannot meet the requirements of the bearing industry.

In this case, the inverted wire drawing machine becomes the ideal choice for the production of heavy-duty bearing steel wire. During the operation, in order to ensure that the steel wire can fall on the wire frame in an orderly, stable and unobtrusive manner, the wire frame shall not be used for coiling or chaotic lines when the wire frame rotates with the drawing reel at high speed. The inverted wire drawing machine generally adopts the methods of assembling 2-3 crimping rollers, double-layer reel, additional straightening mechanism and configuration guide wheel to solve the problem of thread drop.

The traditional vertical wire drawing machine uses the shift lever to drive the drop frame to rotate, and the winding diameter of the wire is adjusted by the element method, which is easy to cause the disordered wire to be thrown. The improved inverted wire drawing machine's take-off frame rotates autonomously, and the passage is electrically controlled, which can make the drawing reel maintain a fixed speed difference. The winding diameter can be adjusted by the rotational speed difference. The shape of the drop frame can be adjusted accordingly. Improved to solve the problem of high-speed spinning and chaotic lines.

In the process of long-term use of the wire drawing die in the inverted wire drawing machine, the die wall is subject to intense conflict and erosion of the metal wire from time to time, and the appearance of wear will inevitably occur. The abrasion of the die hole is aggravated. The small particles of the core material that fall off due to the loosening of the ring groove are brought into the die hole operating area and the sizing area by the metal wire, which acts as an abrasive, while the wire entering the die hole is like a grinding pin The same increases the wear of the die hole.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly protect and repair the wire drawing die of the inverted wire drawing machine. Once the mold shows any slight wear and polishing, it will take a short time to recover the mold to the original polishing condition, and the hole size of the mold is not obvious. Variety.