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Operation automation and control system for straight line wire drawing machine

Jun 04, 2019

Straight line wire drawing machines are a common type. In the past, DC generator-motor units (FD systems) were usually used to realize them. Now with the advancement of process technology and the widespread use of frequency converters, inverter control begins in straight-through mode. It is widely used in the wire drawing machine, and can realize the functions of drawing type setting, operation automation, production process control, real-time closed-loop control and automatic meter counting through PLC.

The straight line wire drawing machine adopts the direct-feed wire drawing machine of the variable frequency speed control system with good technology and remarkable energy saving. The speed regulation range is 30:1 during normal operation, and can provide more than 1.5 times of rated rotation at 5% rated speed. Moment. The system logic control of the straight line wire drawing machine is more complicated, and there are various linkage relationships, which are realized by PLC. The synchronization control is all implemented inside the Huichuan MD320 inverter and does not depend on external control.

The straight line wire drawing machine determines the speed of the work according to the panel setting of the operator. The analog signal of the speed enters the PLC, and the PLC outputs the analog signal according to a certain slope after considering the time of acceleration and deceleration. The purpose of this is mainly to meet the needs of some operations such as jogging and threading. The analog voltage signal output by the PLC is simultaneously connected to the AI2 (AI1 ok) input of all the inverters as the main reference signal of the speed. The signals of the swing arm displacement sensors are connected to the corresponding drum drive inverters as feedback signals of the PID control. According to the position of the swing arm in the middle, set a PID default value. This system is a very typical PID control system with feedforward. The first level is one level and the PID is used as the fine adjustment amount.www.hshightec.com