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Extendability and continuous operation of copper wire drawing machines

Jun 03, 2019

The copper wire drawing machine utilizes the ductility of the copper wire, and uses the compression of the die to make the diameter smaller, so as to achieve the wire diameter we need. The machine consists of two parts, the line and the wire, which The copper wire drawing machine should be pulled by the upper drawing die. When the copper wire is pulled by the power winding, the copper wire is pulled and plastically Deformed forward by the drawing die, and the diameter is uniformly expanded.

The continuous drawing unit adopts the continuous pull-out and double-disc take-up production mode to form a continuous operation of the entire production line. The wire drawing machine directly pulls the copper wire from the Ф8.00mm copper rod into the model copper The whole production line can complete the whole process from the Ф8.00mmt copper rod incoming line to the drawing, annealing and winding process. Only one person per shift, only two workers per day can complete the production of 25 tons of copper wire Annealing, the output specification is Ф1.78-Ф3.30mm.

The wire drawing process of copper wire drawing machine, each link bus bar is expected to be wrapped with anti-rust paper before it is put into production, and even ordinary paper can be recycled. In the production process, the amount of drawing oil Is insufficient, especially many companies do not have Regular management of the pipeline water pump is prone to blockage.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com