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Nail making machine tool causes of damage

Jan 14, 2017

Nail making machine in use, customers shorter tool life, customer is also worried about how it didn't take long to change, this is also a reason, nail making machine to introduce reason and countermeasures.

Tool break fast for several reasons:

1. materials and excellent materials. Excellent materials can lead to tool wear; dirt, Kinabalu seams and other defects in materials.

2. reason of the tool itself. Some of the cutting edge does not meet the requirements, here to note that materials of different hardness, strength of each other on the cutting edge of its application are different.

3. adjustment of the machine is not in place. Line cutter or rolling into line when zijin insufficient clamping forces or too tight. At this point, we should adjust the wire cutters, knives and reliable feeding, replacement of the wire collector wear parts.

4. frame not applicable or dial rotation is not flexible. We should redesign the line and ensure the turntable turning flexible and balanced.

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