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Cutter adjustment process

Jan 14, 2017

Effect of water jet cutting machine can be adjusted according to the user needs to get the qualified product. Now on this issue, we do simple description, want to be able to help you.

Under normal circumstances, the waterjet cutting machine is carried out according to the drawing program to cut, guests should take good photos the pattern you want, send technicians, and then he would enter the picture operating platform, the computer automatically recognized track, after building the track can put the material into the cutting platform.

When waterjet cutting machine cutting platform into the material, waterjet cutting opportunities according to build track for cutting, adjusting the cutting effect is also modified to meet customer requirements on the operating platform.

1, adjust up and down, vertically on the operation panel operation, the purpose of adjusting the cutting depth can be achieved.

About 2, regulation, are behind the thrust plate two links with the rack adjustment.

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