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Nail making machine characteristics and production process

Dec 21, 2020

The nail making machine is a production line equipment used to produce nails. The nail making machine is also known as the abandoned building steel nail making machine. It holds everything from the perspective of waste utilization, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and waste utilization. Everything from the perspective of customers can make money quickly From the perspective, it is led by the application of economic development. It has high technology content, easy to use in actual operation, small driving force, resource saving, and stable and reliable characteristics. The quality is up to standard. The equipment has the characteristics of small size, flexibility and convenience, low noise, low power consumption, and easy installation. Therefore, this new project has become an idealized new project for companies, individuals, families, laid-off workers, and farmers to make quick money investment projects.

Production Process:

1. Brushed metal

The nail making machine is divided into four parts. The most important is metal wire drawing. When purchasing nails, it is necessary to clarify which building steel bars will be used for nailing, such as new building steel bars and abandoned building steel bars. It is more inconvenient to wire metal bars in abandoned buildings. Not as fast as the new product of building steel, but the cost and profit of abandoned building steel is very objective. The finished product cable metal drawing is faster, saving some human resources. The rate of nailing is also very fast .

2. Manufacturing

After the wire is drawn, according to the automatic wire feeding engine, the drawn wire is then sent to the wire engine to produce the adjusted semi-finished nails.

Three, polishing

Put the finished semi-finished processed nails into the grinding and polishing machine for polishing. The grinding and polishing machine puts some chemical raw materials such as wood chips, paraffin, car gasoline, etc., after friction and collision, throw out the shiny nails.

Four, packaging

The above three parts are the key, the packaging can be customized according to the customer's own needs.