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Method for reducing wire breakage rate of wire drawing machine

Aug 20, 2019

Through the variable frequency drive and tension sensor feedback control, the running frequency of the main machine is taken as the main given frequency of the slave, and the output of the tension control PID regulator corrects the main given frequency so that the feedback tension does not deviate from the given tension. The output signal of the tension sensor is used as the PID feedback, and the PID reference is set to the desired tension value by the number. The running signal of the host is used as the start and stop signal of the winding inverter. 

1. The winding part of the winding is well controlled. The pendulum bar reflects the consistency of the simultaneous running of the stretched portion and the wound portion and the stability of the tension on the wire. Generally, when the winding speed is faster than the stretching speed, the swing lever will be upturned, and the swing lever will sag. It can solve the swing of the pendulum due to the change of the winding diameter of the winding reel. The utility model also has the advantages of fast torque response of the frequency converter and high speed precision. It ensures that no matter the current position of the pendulum at the start, it can reach the equilibrium position without oscillation at one time; the swing bar is stable and has no oscillation regardless of the current speed during operation.

2. The operation is smooth when jogging. Before starting the whole machine, the front end of the raw material must be polished by hand and passed through the mold step by step. Since the machine needs to be frequently jogged during the die-cutting, the stretching motor is repeatedly switched in a state of stationary, acceleration, low-speed operation, deceleration, and stationary. The vector inverter has large torque and stable running speed at start-up and low-speed operation, and the motor does not reverse when the speed is reduced.

3. Multiple sets of relay outputs. The low-frequency brake output is output when the system is decelerating to stop, and the winding motor is braked at a low speed. For the disconnection fault alarm output, the control circuit design is simple and convenient, and the safety and continuity of the parking operation system caused by the abnormality are guaranteed.

The successful transformation of the application program of the double-frequency converter wire drawing machine reduces the system cost, speeds up the system response speed, makes the operation simpler and more convenient, and the work efficiency is obviously improved. The highly stable operating state reduces the wire breakage rate and improves product quality.