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Main device and system composition of wire drawing machine

Oct 01, 2020

The high-speed wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing metal wires of different specifications, and the electric drive part is composed of a drawing motor, a wire take-up motor and a wire arranging motor. Other auxiliary parts of the equipment are composed of swing rod (tension frame), positioning wheel, thread splitting wheel, and reciprocating wire rod. The drafting motor drives the wire-drawing wheel to run, the four-stage wire-drawing wheel is linked by the belt to realize the metal stretching, and the wire-winding motor realizes the winding.

Regarding the technical specifications and requirements of the high-speed wire drawing machine: 1. The equipment must be synchronized during startup and acceleration; 2. The tension must be kept constant when the equipment is running; 3. Synchronization is required when the equipment is stopped, and no wire breakage or tension slack will occur; 4. The equipment is safe to produce Required disconnection protection; 5. Jog threading function; 6. External button start operation; 7. Running speed display; 8. The diameter ratio of the empty reel to the full reel is about 1:3; 9. The full reel weight is about 50kg; 10. The maximum operating frequency is about 70HZ. To

According to different requirements, the system configuration of high-speed wire drawing machine needs to be carried out in accordance with certain requirements. Especially as each component part of electrical transmission equipment, it should be able to meet the requirements of use. For example, the drafting motor should be equipped with a corresponding frequency converter, and the winding motor needs to use a special winding frequency converter (with external braking resistor).

In this way, during the operation of the high-speed wire drawing machine, the operation command and output frequency signal of the master machine are used as the operation command and frequency command of the slave machine to realize synchronous operation. When parking, brake in the opposite direction for the heavy full plate to prevent the disconnection caused by inertia, and realize the jog work during threading operation with the JOG function.

In addition, with the operation of high-speed wire drawing machine equipment, it uses the output voltage signal of the pendulum rod as a feedback signal to realize the internal variable PID compensation control, and uses the unique winding curve of the three crystal inverter series to predict the speed. Running to achieve constant linear speed winding, so as to meet the actual requirements of the drawing process.