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Inverted wire drawing machine start-up and adjustment steps

Oct 01, 2019

When operating the inverted wire drawing machine, we must take the correct method. Below we will briefly introduce the main contents in the startup and adjustment process. I hope that through this introduction, we can provide some reference for the majority of users and friends, so that we can better operate and use the inverted wire drawing machine equipment. Let's take a look at the details below.

 Before turning on the equipment, we need to observe the wire and the specification requirements, and then select the appropriate wire drawing die according to its condition, and install the wire drawing die on the wire drawing frame, so it is necessary to ensure the correct installation. After that, the power can be turned on, the wire is rolled on the heading machine, and then passed through the drawing die, and properly lubricated and cooled. First, the wire is pulled to the reel several times at a slow speed, and then the inverted wire drawing machine is turned off. device.

 Then operate the cylinders on both sides to tighten the wire and then remove the zipper. Then start the main motor of the device and adjust the main unit and the take-up knob as appropriate until the matching state is reached, then adjust the knob to the appropriate speed. If the wire size is not changed, then when using the inverted wire drawing machine again, you can directly adjust the total knob to the appropriate speed.

Since the body of the inverted wire drawing machine is relatively large, during the operation, the worker generally stands directly under the wire drawing machine to perform the molding action, and drags the hook of the chain. Therefore, the staff must undergo professional training and operation before they are employed and they can obtain the qualifications before they can operate. Otherwise, they must not enter the post operation.

During the whole operation, care should be taken to ensure that the inverted wire drawing machine equipment works well, and there should be no abnormalities such as noise, and the frequency of the frequency converter must not be exceeded during operation, and the compression ratio should not be exceeded to avoid accidents.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/