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Why is the water tank type wire drawing machine mold early wear

Oct 02, 2019

I believe everyone knows that in the process of using a water box type wire drawing machine to process different specifications of wire or steel wire into finer wire or steel wire, it is an important part that plays a big role. This part is drawing. Mold. However, the wire drawing die is prone to wear after repeated use, so how can we slow down this problem as much as possible?

Then, this requires us to pay special attention to the use of the wire drawing die in the process of using the water tank type wire drawing machine in the future. Be aware that only the reasonable use and appropriate maintenance can extend the life of the wire drawing die. Let us first analyze the reason why the rapid wear problem occurs, so that we can provide some reference for everyone.

In fact, in the process of operating the water tank type wire drawing machine, we can alleviate this problem by paying attention to a few problems. First of all, we must pay attention to check whether the drawing die blank and the mold steel sleeve are symmetrical and reasonable. If the inlaid hard alloy steel sleeve is unevenly distributed or has a gap, then the U-shaped crack will appear in the drawing die. Secondly, once the mold appears on the mold When there is any dust and impurities, be sure to clean it in time to ensure it is smooth and flat.

In addition, the third problem that we need to pay special attention to is that the hole design of the wire drawing machine of the water tank type drawing machine should be reasonable. For example, if the opening of the inlet lubrication zone is too small and the sizing zone is too long, it may cause uneven lubrication during the drawing process, which may cause early wear of the wire drawing die.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/