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Inverted wire drawing machine

Mar 04, 2019

Inverted wire drawing machine

Constant tension of the inverted wire drawing machine and design process

In the process of operation, the inverted wire drawing machine has large low-frequency torque and stable output. It has high-performance vector control when it is used. The energy-saving effect of the inverted wire drawing machine is good. The proportional control of the equipment has high precision and is used when it is used. Slip compensation function, the speed of the whole equipment is high.

The inverted wire drawing machine can effectively maintain its constant tension and effectively prevent wire breakage. It adopts the latest high-speed motor control special chip DSP during operation to ensure fast response of vector control and modular design of hardware circuit to ensure stable and efficient operation of wire drawing machine. Inverter.

The appearance of the inverted wire drawing machine combines the European car design concept, the lines are smooth, the appearance is beautiful, the structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be freely disassembled, the heat dissipation is good, no PG vector control, PG vector Control, torque control, and V/F control are all available.

Inverted wire drawing machine powerful input and output multi-function programmable terminal, speed pulse input, two-way analog output, unique "excavator" adaptive control feature, automatic limit of motor torque limit during operation, effectively suppressed The stream trips frequently.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com