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Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Mar 05, 2019

The purpose and main principle of the copper wire drawing machine

The copper wire drawing machine belongs to the prefabrication equipment for the production of metal products such as standard parts when it is used. The main purpose of the operation is to pull the wire rod or bar of the metal product manufacturing enterprise such as the standard manufacturer to the wire drawing machine. The treatment makes the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightness of the wire or bar reach the raw material processing requirements required for the production of metal parts such as standard parts.

The quality of pretreatment of wire rods or bars is directly related to the quality of standard parts and metal products manufacturers; wire drawing machines are metal wire drawing machines for metal products and equipment industry. Wire drawing machines are widely used in steel wire and rope manufacturing. Production and pre-processing of metal products such as prestressed steel wires and standard parts.

The single frequency conversion is an in-line tower wheel structure, and the casing of the old single frequency conversion wire drawing machine is mostly semi-cast, and the bearing positioning is front and rear positioning. The seal is a skeleton oil seal. The tension principle is mainly to collect the main pulse and the take-up pulse signal, and the tension is controlled after being processed by the PLC, that is to say, the tension of the single-frequency drawing machine has a variable relative slip. By adjusting the value of a given DIP switch, the corresponding slip can be obtained. Because there is a slip, the single-frequency wire drawing machine has better adaptability to the general copper wire and the mold, that is, the workers in the industry. Said that the single frequency conversion is easy to open.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com