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Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine for Nails Wire

May 12, 2017

Inverted vertical drawing machine is no sliding mode to draw low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, steel wire and non-ferrous metal in the coarse, diameter and development equipment, applicable to the standard parts industry, supermarket shelves manufacturing industry, wire processing enterprises.

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Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

1. Machine features:
Use strong narrow v-belt combination harden tooth reducer or pendulum ring reducer; heavy recoiler; Capstan is forced air cooling; Pneumatic pressure wheel; Recoil is auto and ID can be adjusted; AC frequency speed adjustment; easy operate, safe and reliable, energy saving more than 30%.
2. Working principle:
Motor drive the capstan through the pulley and triple gear transmission, traction wire to draw the wire. The wire after drawing will get through the wire roller and fall onto the wire recoiler, wire recoiler will rotate synchronous with the capstan.
3. Structure features:
This equipment is a handstand type wire drawing machine, the wire after drawing can be directly to fall onto the wire recoiler, so as to take-up the wire of 1-2T.
4. Construction:
Vertical wire drawing machine contains machine frame, reducer, drum, recoiler, trolley, pneumatic system, AC frequency conversion electric control system and motor.


Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

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