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Introduction to the electrical system configuration of the straight-through wire drawing machine

Jul 20, 2018

The electrical system in the straight-through wire drawing machine is an important component, so the configuration of the electrical system needs to be determined in conjunction with the actual application requirements. In the straight-through wire drawing machine, the touch screen and the PLC are connected by the MPI bus. The PLC and the frequency converter form a high-speed field bus network, and the data transmission rate is rapid, which greatly improves the response speed of the frequency converter.


In this way, not only the synchronization accuracy of the straight-through wire drawing machine is effectively improved, but also the probability of broken wire is effectively reduced. This is very effective in improving work efficiency. In the electrical system, the touch screen acts as a human-machine interface and functions as a human-machine interface. The compression ratio of each die is input through the touch screen, and the touch screen can also store several sets of different ones. The die parameters allow the user to quickly select the set of die parameters.


This also improves the efficiency of the work to a certain extent. Moreover, in actual production, when the straight-line drawing machine has an alarm, the content of the system failure is displayed on the touch screen in time, which is convenient for the user to diagnose in time and eliminate some simple faults.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/