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How does the water tank type wire drawing machine work

Sep 21, 2019

We have already introduced a lot of content about the water tank type drawing machine equipment, I believe everyone has a good understanding of the equipment. In the process of drawing, it is mainly through the drawing of a plurality of pulling heads, which will eventually bring the wire to the required size specifications. So how does this water tank type wire drawing machine operate? Let's look at the specific content together.

In fact, during the entire drawing process, we can also see that the device only needs one motor to drive. Since the drawing die used in the drawing process of the water box type wire drawing machine has different specifications, we also need to adjust the drawing rate of each drawing head as appropriate. In actual work, we need to follow certain benchmark requirements for the adjustment of its drawing rate.

Therefore, when making adjustments, we need to ensure that the second flow volume of the wire rod drawing machine equipment should be kept stable at any time when passing through the drawing die, then the formula should be satisfied: πD 2v1=πd 2v2. In this formula, the letter D represents the diameter of the incoming wire, while v1 represents the line rate of the incoming wire, the letter d is the diameter of the wire, and v2 refers to the wire rate of the wire.

In fact, the drawing rate of all the different drawing heads of the water tank type drawing machine is adjusted based on this formula, so as to ensure the normal operation of each drawing head. Since the drawing process is completed by machine shaft drawing, we should also pay attention to ensuring the coordination and compatibility between the various stages of the stretching system.

In the process of drawing, we also need to consider the issue of heat dissipation. Since the water tank type wire drawing machine has a good cooling effect, it can ensure that the wire meets the standard requirements during the drawing process.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/