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Design highlights of inverted wire drawing machine

Oct 19, 2020

Nowadays, the production technology of the inverted wire drawing machine has become more and more mature, and its operability has become more and more convenient. Users will find it easier to master the operating skills when operating. These are all due to the rationality of the equipment structure design and the perfection of the production process. Especially with the use of numerical control devices, the inverted wire drawing machine is more automated and can better meet the needs of users.

The structure of the inverted wire drawing machine has also undergone many changes. Starting from its wire take-up trolley device, it can start with only one large plate. After the steel bar falls into the large plate, it needs to be pulled out manually or mechanically, and then passed by a crane. Remove. This operation is not only very laborious, but also takes a lot of time. Now, after improvements have been made, a guide rail has been installed under the take-up trolley. The four guide wheels on the trolley can make the trolley move back and forth on the guide rail, which greatly saves labor intensity and labor time, and is favored by users. .

In addition, the mechanical device of the inverted wire drawing machine also uses a lot of new technologies, of which the more typical is the mechanical brake device. The reel of this kind of wire drawing equipment is heavy and is connected to the reducer. Therefore, the reel will continue to rotate due to inertia when it is stopped, thereby driving the reducer to continue to rotate, and the reducer drives the motor to rotate.

It should be noted that due to the extended use time, the motor performance requirements for the inverted wire drawing machine are higher. For this problem, a mechanical brake device is specially equipped. When the motor stops working, the brake device is activated, which can completely stop the entire drawing machine system without the reel continuing to rotate.

In addition to the above improvements in the structure and performance of the equipment, the safety of the inverted wire drawing machine has also been fully guaranteed. Especially for all rotating parts of the wire drawing machine, protective devices are installed to fully ensure the safety performance of the inverted wire drawing machine. In this way, the performance of the device will be more stable and more reliable.