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Advantages of high-speed straight wire drawing machine

Nov 27, 2020

In the wire drawing machine market, many different types of wire drawing equipment are included. For users, this allows flexible choices based on actual conditions. One of the equipment is a high-speed straight wire drawing machine. In comparison, this type of wire drawing equipment has many advantages, do you know which ones are included? Let's take a look at the specific content below.

This high-speed straight wire drawing machine not only avoids some of the shortcomings of the pulley wire drawing machine, but also has many advantages, such as high speed, straight wire and multi-pass. Therefore, in the drawing work, higher work efficiency and drawing quality can be achieved. So, what are its specific advantages? Here we take a look.

First of all, this straight wire drawing machine equipment has been improved and optimized in structure, so that it can avoid problems in coordinated control. In addition, it can also solve the problem of position error, greatly improving the accuracy so far. Secondly, it can also directly use the excision signal, so in actual operation, it can achieve the effect of step-by-step transmission and achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses.

Finally, this straight wire drawing machine also has the function of active pay-off, and is also specially equipped with a mechanism for adjusting tension. Therefore, the user will feel very convenient in the process of operation, because the equipment can automatically pay off, thereby solving abnormal problems such as breakage.