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Advanced technology and equipment of inverted wire drawing machine

Nov 25, 2020

For users, it is very important to choose a suitable inverted drawing machine, of course, it also takes a certain amount of time and energy. With the improvement of the technical level, the performance of the equipment has also been improved.

From the current point of view, many performances of the inverted wire drawing machine have been optimized differently, which not only provides convenience for users, but also promotes the entire wire drawing operation. So, what are the more advanced technologies and advanced devices included in the equipment? Compared with other wire drawing equipment, this equipment is mainly a kind of equipment that uses the reel upside down method to carry out wire drawing operations.

In addition to the structural difference, the operating method of this inverted wire drawing machine is also special, because it uses an active drawing method for wire drawing. After the wire drawing is formed, these wires will directly fall into the take-up reel, so that the wire drawing operation continues.

Due to the characteristics of the inverted wire drawing machine itself, the equipment is mainly used for drawing operations of stainless steel wire, low-carbon steel bar, high-carbon steel wire and other non-ferrous metal wires. Especially after improvements were made, the operating system of the equipment was replaced with a three-phase AC variable frequency speed regulation system, so that the operation of the equipment became faster.

In general, the current inverted wire drawing machine has made considerable progress in the level of automation, and at the same time some technological elements have been added. For example, the wire take-up trolley device used in this equipment can not only ensure the back and forth movement of the guide wheel on the guide rail, but also save a lot of labor time and labor intensity.