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Performance And Improvement Measures Of Straight Wire Drawing Machine

Aug 29, 2018

Although the analysis of product quality, production cost, production efficiency, etc., straight-through wire drawing machine has obvious advantages, but its one-time investment is to stop many domestic metal manufacturing companies. In fact, the straight-through wire drawing machine is widely used in the metal manufacturing industry. It is a continuous wire drawing machine with high efficiency, high speed, no twisting, no bending, high cost performance and strong cooling.


In order to further expand its domestic market, it is necessary to independently develop and innovate to reduce the production cost of the straight-through wire drawing machine. Usually, the high-speed machine uses a V-type two-stage belt for deceleration, while the low-speed machine uses a V-type bevel gear. Although the V-type two-stage structure is simple and practical, it has certain limitations in application.


In response to this situation, we can take some improvement measures, such as appropriate improvement of the reduction stage and structure of the V-cone gear reducer, which not only reduces the cost, but also makes the straight-through wire drawing machine equipment more energy-efficient. practical.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/