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CNC Bending Machine Features

Jan 14, 2017

NC folding bent machine machine in the aspects of precision requirements than General hydraulic folding bent machine are to high a a level, NC folding bent machine from machine frame of processing must in landing boring milling machine Shang overall processing, get oil cylinder surface, and guide surface and table fitting surface of three article precise parallel, then NC folding bent machine of NC system can into program automatically cycle operation, greatly improve has processing of efficiency, folding bent machine of folding bent shape not rules of sheet metal gold folding bent General with NC folding bent machine folding bent, its principle is using folding bent machine of folding machete (Shang die), and V-shaped Groove (die), sheet metal bending and forming. Advantages of CNC bending machine: clip-on convenience of clamping the upper die, positioning accuracy, speed and not disadvantage of CNC bending machine is: pressure is small, perhaps only simple processing of thin sheet metal forming.

1, CNC bending machine user interface graphics

User interface is a CNC bending machine system and the dialogue between the user interface and graphical user interface for a variety of users, including the use of non-professional users, operates through the window and Rai, graphic simulation, graphics, dynamic tracing, simulation, and rapid programming functions.

2, visualization in scientific computing

Information-sharing is no longer confined to words and language, you can use graphics, images, animations, and other Visual information. Visualization techniques can be used for CAD/CAM, parameter setting, compensation, display and visual simulation of machining process.

3 diversification, interpolation, and compensation

Interpolation mode is linear interpolation, circular interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, spatial ellipse interpolation, thread surface interpolation, polar coordinate interpolation, polynomial interpolation. Compensation compensation, vertical clearance, circular interpolation quadrant of error compensation, pitch error compensation, tool radius compensation and measuring system, temperature compensation, and so on.

4, high-performance built-in

Built-in high-performance PLC of CNC bending machine system, ladder diagram or directly with high-level language programming, online debugging and online editing, build your own applications.

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