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WUXI wandeshun Technology won the Uzbekistan project bid

May 27, 2017

On 5th May 2017,WUXI wandeshun machine Co.,LTD got bid winning notice form Uzbekistan, wandeshun gains another big project in Uzbekistan.

Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine.jpg

Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

Wuxi wandeshun focuses on the national strategy, and takes advantage of national policy to enhance the relationship of Inner Asian country. This success project is the outcome of national strategy, and also the return for wandeshun’s effort.
The Uzbekistan project is devoted for the developing of metal products, and surely will push the blossom of industry and construction of infrastructure in Uzbekistan, deep the friendship between China-Uzbekistan relations, enhance company cooperation, make effort for Harbor developing and Chinese national strategy.
The clients made big orders for the straight line wire drawing machine LZ-560 type .


Wire Drawing Machine

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