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Wire drawing machine heating method and its speed control system

Aug 27, 2019

The resistance wire heating is equivalent to heating by heat transfer. It is because the iron heat generates heat and is transferred into the cylinder. In this process, some of the heat is consumed on the way, and another part is Dissipated in the air, thus forming a waste of heat, which is equivalent to wasting energy.

The function of the electromagnetic heater is to heat and save the plastic machinery. It can replace the old-fashioned resistance heating. It is mainly wrapped with a layer of insulation cotton on the barrel, which can reduce the consumption of heat energy and wrap it on the insulation cotton. A layer of electromagnetic heating coil, when the wire drawing machine is powered on, the iron molecules inside the barrel will have a relatively strong operation, then the barrel will heat up, so this method is more energy efficient and more efficient than the traditional method. High and from the traditional resistive to the current electromagnetic heating can also save about 30% of electrical energy.

The wire drawing machine system is very demanding for speed control, and the control system can supply a very accurate and lubricated line speed. Four servo motor controls are used to meet the real-time interaction between data and real-time data exchange between each group of axes.

In order to ensure the local line of the trajectory side line according to the algorithm, the wire of the demanding line can be quickly calculated, and the drive line of the drive itself, self-driving the motor line, greatly eliminates the orientation of the line of the traditional wire drawing machine control system. To account, then because the time is delayed sent to the drive, the line is guaranteed to minimize the delay through the manipulator.