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Wire drawing machine equipment lubrication and wire drawing have a problem of vibration marks

Aug 28, 2019

The other is immersion lubrication, which uses a strong emulsion of liquid oil and is suitable for sliding continuous wire drawing machines. The lubricant is contained in a special tank of the stainless steel wire drawing machine. The drum, the wire segment and the mold are immersed in the lubricant, and the structure is simple, and the continuous lubrication and cooling of the mold, the drum and the wire can be ensured.

The disadvantage of the lubrication method of the wire drawing machine is that the metal chips generated during the drawing process have no possibility of sedimentation, and are continuously brought into the die hole and the drum, which affects the life of the die and the drum, and also affects the quality of the wire surface. Lubrication of the gutter requires a cooling device to prevent excessive temperature of the lubricant.

There is also a circulating lubrication system. On the sliding continuous wire drawing machine, the lubricating fluid has a fixed composition and a certain temperature, and can be used in a single machine or in a plurality of stainless steel wire drawing machines. Its advantage is that the metal chips in the lubricating fluid can be fully precipitated and cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating fluid. Its disadvantage is that it will analyze the lubricating fluid from time to time and replenish the lubricant at the right time.

After the lubrication problem of the wire drawing machine is solved, it is also necessary to know how to solve the problem that the wire drawing device has a shock mark. First open the machine for 1 minute and then look at the drawing machine belt beat is not very powerful, the tightness is not suitable, this can be adjusted by the robot handle behind the wire drawing machine.

Then there is the method of drawing the wire drawing machine, the force is not uniform, and the speed of the die is not uniform. This makes it a serious place where the wire drawing is severe, and the two sides of the junction look like waves. The technique is very important and should be carried out at a constant speed. There is also a choice of lubrication, generally with a relatively high consistency of the oil can be changed.