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What are the two major control points in the production of inverted wire drawing machines

Sep 02, 2019

First, let's take a look at what exactly is a tension reservoir. In fact, as part of the inverted wire drawing machine, the main function of the tension reservoir is to ensure that the line speed and winding speed of the entire production process are consistent, thus enabling online operation. So, how do we control the key points in actual operation?

For this question, we can answer in two ways. The main point of control is to control the compressed air. Because it is mainly for pressure control, it needs to adjust its pressure appropriately. Another issue that needs attention is the take-up portion of the inverted wire drawing machine. In other words, we should control the line process to keep it balanced.

Then, in the finished wire-receiving section of the inverted wire drawing machine, what should we mainly control? In general, it is to use a high-quality wire basket, but also should pay attention to control the cable pitch and its travel. Of course, the pressure of the compressed air should also be controlled.

The above mainly introduces several control points that we need to grasp when operating the inverted wire drawing machine. I hope that everyone can master this aspect and better operate the inverted wire drawing machine.