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Water tank type of water tank type wire drawing machine

Sep 18, 2019

We know that the main difference between a water tank type wire drawing machine is that it includes a water tank structure compared to other similar equipment. Usually, there are two main types of water tanks, namely heavy water tanks and inverted water tanks. This type of water tank type wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing various metal wires of medium and fine specifications.

For the water tank type wire drawing machine, the speed control is very high because it is in operation. This device typically requires the control system to provide very smooth line speeds. Also, during the drawing operation, it is necessary to use the coolant for heat dissipation. As for the wire-receiving part of the device, it is mainly driven by a low-power motor to ensure the smooth completion of the wire-receiving work.

It is important to remind everyone that if you need to close the bottle valve, you should move slowly and be careful to avoid accidents. For the loading and unloading operation of the assembly grid, two staff members should be arranged to complete the work together. One of them operates the electrical appliance and the other installs the lifting bracket. When lifting, it should be carried out as required to avoid problems such as collision. When transporting the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, a rubber pad should be placed on the bottom of the car to avoid sliding.

In fact, friends who have used the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment should know that in order to ensure the quality of their work, we must ensure that the tension on the line is constant when winding. When winding, we can use two different methods, the tension is adjusted by the tension roller, and the tension during winding is guaranteed by the weight of the tension roller itself.

The second control method is to use torque control. At this time, the winding tension of the water tank type drawing machine equipment is usually determined by the torque given size. If the process requirements are high, then the first control method can be used.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/