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Three parts of the water tank drawing machine and its special advantages

May 28, 2018

During the operation of the water tank drawing machine, its drawing part, tension control part and take-up part play an important role. At the same time, compared with other equipment, the water tank drawing machine also showed some unique advantages. Next, we will briefly introduce these contents and help you better understand the device.


1, on the drawing section of the water tank drawing machine equipment:

At the time of designing, the height of equipment operation of the equipment was specially optimized. It meets ergonomic requirements and is convenient for threading. Furthermore, the movement path between steel wire dies is perfect.


2, on the tank drawing machine equipment tension control and take-up part:

Tension control is very important in the whole drawing process, so during the operation of the equipment, special software is used to ensure that the steel wire is perfectly wound on the bobbin, in particular to ensure the correct winding of the wire when the wire axis is folded back. In this way, the payout of the next stranding process can be maintained in good condition. And from the traction wheel to the spool, the distance between any two guide wheels is as short as possible to ensure that the take-up tension is stable. Not only that, the distance between the cable guide pulley and the spool is very good, so that the perfect alignment of the steel wire spool can be guaranteed.


3, on the water tank drawing machine some other advantages:

First of all, for the user, during the daily operation of the device, no excessive maintenance of the device is required. Second, the device can be connected to various lubrication systems; thirdly, high-quality mechanical and electrical components are configured in the device. In addition, the operation is simple, reducing the labor intensity for the staff.


In addition, the simple structure and reliable components also enable the tank drawing machine to achieve higher productivity in similar equipment. Moreover, the equipment can also be used for the drawing of low-carbon steel wire and galvanized steel wire, especially the operation of steel cord stretching. Of course, when using a water tank wire drawing machine, its actual performance will also be affected by the wire material and drawing die, so these two points need to pay attention.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/