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The safe use of in the process of wire drawing machine

Jan 14, 2017

In the process of wire drawing machine works, many parts do not pay attention to the safe use of prone to accidents, in order to avoid the customer's interests be infringed, Meg introduced several primary safety specification for components for you:

1, drawing machine must have sufficient strength. High strength conveyor belt conveyor belt replacement with low intensity is strictly prohibited.

2, wire drawing machine tensioning device

(1) limit position limit for tensioning device should be installed. Automatic tensioning device for lifting to the limit position, must automatically cut off the lifting power, and stop the hoisting signal is given. When landing to the limit position, ensuring automatic cut down power and combat landing signals are given.

(2) weight tensioning device in the often close quarters should be protective devices. Protective devices should be able to avoid entering the weight space below, in the absence of this protective device, supporting device should be installed under the weight and make it off the ground clearance distance or other work surface is not less than 2.5M.

3, drawing braking device

(1) the braking device must be in a position to brake condition. Braking function of brake friction surface must not have negative disadvantage or sticky oil.

(2) normal and urgent service braking device shall be marked conspicuously logo, and should be located in convenient place to operate.

(3) dummy car brakes should be sensitive and reliable. Its limited clamping device shall be able to withstand operating conditions of maximum winds without blowing in the wind. Track end-stop set should ensure that dummy car on track without tipping over.

4, drawing machine Hopper, chute and cover

(1) line feed or transfer hopper and chute reluctant frequent personnel shall have a protection device.

(2) large hopper should be fit checked door or chute, and its location should be easy to close. While the equipment is running check the door should not be opened, in conditions of protection, and inspected by a full-time staff to open the door. Using manual inspection door opening force shall not be more than 300N.

(3) transfer adhesive raw material should install a mechanical hopper dredging plant or vibrating devices, in the absence of protective measures is prohibited under the conditions of artificial poked strike dredging.

(4) large hopper in its place should be banned. Need access to the hopper using special safety measures for protection.

(5) the shield and along the bottom of the hopper extension located in the distance above the ground is greater than 300mm, its edges inward bend angle should be used or rolled edges, among other measures.

(6) the rain cover seals should be careful of wire drawing machine, flame retardant materials should be used. Using hand tools should be free to remove or lock. The observation window should be set up to facilitate monitor the operation to the item location.

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