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The main components of the fine pumping machine

Jun 11, 2020

The fine pumping machine is powered by the power machine, and the high-speed rotation of the power machine is changed into the low-speed rotation of the crank of the pumping unit through the reducer, and the rotary motion is changed into the reciprocating motion of the donkey head of the pumping unit by the crank-connecting rod-beam mechanism , Drive the deep well pump through the rope suspension assembly. The main components of the beam pumping unit are: a power machine that provides power; a four-bar mechanism that transmits power and turns the rotary motion into a reciprocating motion; a donkey head and a rope suspension assembly that transmits power and ensures that the polished rod does reciprocating linear motion; A braking device that enables the pumping unit to stay at any position and a balancing device that enables the power engine to work within a small load variation range.