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The inverted wire drawing machine has good safety

Oct 05, 2020

Pull the inverted wire drawing machine to the take-up wheel, start the take-up machine, and start the drawing process during operation. During operation, you need to rotate the switch to the linkage start host switch knob and take-up button to adjust the frequency conversion of each machine Potentiometer speed control knob, while adjusting the knob of the take-up torque motor controller, so that the motor speeds up at the same time, so that it can run normally and draw wires.

The inverted wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing various metal wires of medium and fine specifications. It is especially suitable for drawing high and medium low carbon steel wires, galvanized iron wires, bead wires, hose wires, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and other alloy wires and steel cords when used. And copper wire and aluminum wire. The water tank wire drawing machine is a small continuous production equipment composed of multiple drawing heads. It is drawn step by step, and the drawing head is placed in the water tank, and finally the steel wire is drawn to the required specification. From the perspective of several major domestic water tank type wire drawing machine manufacturers, about 20 drawing heads are generally configured. After each level of drawing, the wire diameter of the steel wire has changed.

The inverted wire drawing machine monitors various movement information, and effectively supports its arbitrary mold matching process. After the mold wears out, it is automatically compensated by tuning, and the wire is not easy to break. And there is a jumper device that can cut off the reel at will to adapt to different processes.

The reel of the inverted wire drawing machine adopts narrow slot water cooling, and the drawing die adopts direct water cooling; the cooling effect is good; it adopts a powerful narrow V-belt and a plane double enveloping worm gear pair transmission, which has high transmission efficiency and low noise; Closed protection system, good safety; air tension tuning, smooth drawing, AC frequency conversion control technology (or DC programmable control system), screen display, high degree of automation, convenient operation, and high quality of drawn products.