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Technical breakthrough of inverted wire drawing machine

Apr 10, 2020

1. The inverted wire drawing machine is a device developed for drawing medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, special-shaped steel wire and non-ferrous metal thick and medium diameter without sliding. It is suitable for standard parts industry, supermarket shelf manufacturing industry, steel wire Material processing enterprise.

2. Inverted wire drawing machine is mainly composed of frame, reduction box, reel, wire drop frame, trolley, pneumatic system, AC frequency conversion speed control electronic control system and motor. The reel is placed upside down on the lower part of the reduction gearbox, and the drawn wire can be collected directly to the wire drop frame, so as to realize the rewinding of the wire.

3. The transmission system of the inverted wire drawing machine adopts a first-class strong narrow V-belt combined hard tooth surface reducer or a cycloid reducer; the take-up reel is heavy; the reel is forced to be cooled by air; the pneumatic pressure wheel; The coil diameter is adjustable; AC frequency conversion speed regulation, machine operation is convenient, safe and reliable, and energy saving is more than 30%.


4. The motor in the inverted wire drawing machine is driven by the belt pulley and the three-stage gear to drive the reel placed on the output shaft of the reduction gear box to rotate, and the drawing wire is completed. The drawn wire is introduced into the wire drop frame through the lead roller, and the wire drop frame and the drum rotate synchronously.

5. Inverted wire drawing machine has a high degree of automation, and can simultaneously draw and take up the wire. The take-up reel can be up to 2 tons, the wire unloading is convenient and reliable, the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high, the safety is reliable; it can be positive and negative, and can be out of control during the operation of the whole machine to avoid accidents caused by misoperation;