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Swing amplitude of inverted wire drawing machine

Apr 15, 2020

The main principle of the inverted wire drawing machine is actually to effectively control the moment of the second flow of metal in each reel. During the wire drawing process, first the wire will be wound from a drum to a certain number of turns, and then directly pass through the tuning roller to the next drawing die, because the drawing die will be unevenly worn, or The fluctuation of the motor speed or some other factors will destroy the balance of the metal second flow, then it will definitely cause the tension of the steel wire to change. In fact, this change mainly reflects the swing of the tuning roller.


The inverted wire drawing machine is one of the more difficult to control in all wire drawing machines, mainly because its equipment requires multiple motors to perform the drawing work on the metal wire at the same time, so the overall work efficiency is relatively high. The difference between the previous loop type wire drawing machine and the water tank wire drawing machine is relatively large, because it allows the metal wire to slip between different molds. Moreover, the inverted wire drawing machine has relatively high requirements for the synchronization of the motor and the speed of the dynamic response. Because the characteristics of stainless steel materials are relatively brittle, the lack of toughness of high-carbon steel wires or steel cords is the main reason, so it is relatively easy to break during operation.