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Structure of the wire drawing machine system

Jul 15, 2019

System Components:

For the equipment situation, the following models and components are selected as electric drive equipment.

INV1: Drafting inverter S011Z3

INV2: Winding frequency converter S004G3

Braking resistor: 1000W/70Ω

The drafting motor adopts S011Z3 type inverter, and the winding motor adopts S004G3 type winding special type inverter (external braking resistor)

Synchronous operation is realized by using the running command and output frequency signal of the host INV1 as the running command and frequency command of the slave INV2.

When parking, the vehicle is braked in the opposite direction for a large weight plate to prevent disconnection due to inertia.

Jog function for threading work with JOG function

The internal variable PID correction control is carried out by using the pendulum output voltage signal as a feedback signal, and the speed prediction pattern is run by the unique winding curve of the three-crystal inverter series to achieve constant line speed winding and meet the process requirements. Dongpu Xinchuangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in providing wire drawing machines, automatic wire drawing machines, flat wire drawing machines, plate drawing machines, stainless steel wire drawing machines, flat wire drawing machines, and other products. Welcome everyone to inquire.