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How to save energy and save electricity

Jul 05, 2019

All the wire drawing machines have been used, and the wire drawing machine consumes a lot of electricity. This power consumption is mainly caused by the heating work of the wire drawing machine barrel. Because it needs to heat itself first when heating, and then transfer the heat to the barrel of the wire drawing machine, then in the process of heat transfer, part of the heat will be lost, and the wasted heat is actually wasting energy. In addition, since the outer surface of the heating coil is sure to come into contact with the air, that is to say, a part of the heat is wasted in the air, which is equivalent to wasting power.

The wire drawing machine only transfers heat, and nearly 40% of the electricity cost is lost in the heating coil. In order to save energy and electricity when using the wire drawing machine, we can use a product called electromagnetic heater, as long as it is drawn. The surface of the barrel is covered with a layer of insulation cotton, and a layer of electromagnetic heating coil is added. After the power is applied, the electromagnetic induction coil will have electromagnetic induction, and the barrel will automatically generate heat. The temperature generated by the existence of the insulation cotton is not It will be transferred to the air, and the electric energy will be saved. Compared with the heating coil, the electromagnetic heater can save at least 30% of the electricity. It is very economical and cost-effective, and the heating speed is very good. It is currently the most drawing machine. Good job partner.