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Structure device of Steel Wire Rod Wire Drawing Machine

Apr 03, 2021

Winding head structure : The joint part of the head spindle and the head body adopts the conical surface meshing and positioning to maintain the rotation accuracy of the head. Wire arranging device : The movement of the spiral steel wire arranging shaft is divided into rotary motion and reciprocating motion: the rotary motion is realized by the arranging motor through the synchronous belt transmission, and the reciprocating motion is realized by the servo motor through the synchronous belt, rolling screw assembly, and linear bearing transmission. . Thread arranging device : The function of the arranging device of the untwisted roving drawing machine is to move the arranging device to the direction of the machine head when the winding starts, and the other is to move the arranging device to the direction of the machine head at the beginning of the winding process, and the The increase in the thickness of the thread cake causes the arranging device to gradually move to the right (also called lateral movement). The drum changing device is jointly driven by the drum changing motor and the air cylinder, so that the rotation is located in the proper winding and pulling position. Oil mist lubrication device : Oil mist refers to the oil particles suspended in the high-speed air jet. Pneumatic device : The pneumatic device of direct twist-free wire drawing machine and non-twisted roving wire drawing machine is composed of air pressure switch, air pressure regulating valve , solenoid valve, actuator cylinder and pneumatic pipe fittings. Head brake device : Electromagnetic energy consumption brake is non-contact and non-wear braking. The braking torque is large and the work is reliable. Spray device : The spray device in the wire drawing machine includes line spray and head change spray.