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Stainless steel wire drawing machine operation requirements and regulations

Jun 16, 2017

For the stainless steel wire drawing workers in terms of, there are some operational requirements and requirements, then what are the specific? Xiao Bian and everyone into the world of learning together.
(1) stainless steel wire drawing workers in the posts before, to wear good labor protection products to ensure their own safety, or can not posts.


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(2) equipment to more than two people to operate, not one person alone, but also to cooperate with each other.
(3) should be in strict accordance with the requirements to operate the stainless steel wire drawing machine equipment, can not operate in violation, so as not to damage the equipment.
(4) equipment before driving, to check the reel whether the pressure line phenomenon, if any should be dealt with immediately.
(5) machinery and equipment and its surroundings, should be kept clean and tidy, no debris. In the process of stainless steel wire drawing, etc., should be placed in the designated location, can not be put away.
(6) there should be good communication between the operator and the maintenance personnel to ensure the normal use of the equipment.


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