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Precautions for using nail making machine

Apr 19, 2020

1. After the nail-making machine is started, it is necessary to wait for normal operation before pulling the wire inlet handle. When the machine needs to be stopped, the wire inlet must be stopped first.

2. Do not use rusty materials when producing nails, and clean the nail making machine and nail mold every day and keep the machine tidy.

3. In order to ensure the working efficiency of the nail-making machine, the sharpness of the nail-making machine must be kept.

4. Every part of the equipment that needs lubrication must be filled with oil regularly.

5. The new equipment is used, a large amount of lubrication must be done within half a month.

6. The noise and temperature change of the friction part appearing when the message device is in operation.

7. If the equipment is in operation, it must not be repaired, remember to disconnect the power supply first.