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Operation requirements of wire drawing machine

Oct 11, 2020

The wire drawing machine starts the synchronization requirement of speed increase during the operation, and the tension needs to be kept constant during the operation. When the whole equipment is stopped, synchronization is required to avoid wire breakage and tension relaxation. The safety production requirements of the wire drawing machine The disconnection protection.

Operation requirements of wire drawing machine

1. The drawing machine should read the drawings and technical data carefully before processing, so as to avoid batch scrap or waste.

2. When processing the wire drawing machine, you should carefully determine the wire drawing direction, the wire drawing surface, and the correct selection of the wire drawing abrasive belt according to the technical requirements.

3. Wear gloves during the entire processing operation, and pay attention to the surface protection of the workpiece to prevent scratches and damage to the surface of the workpiece and cause waste.

4. Wire drawing machine without cleaning the workpiece directly

5. The finished workpiece should be handled with care and layered protective packaging to avoid injury to the surface of the workpiece.

6. Clean the recycling waste bin in time to ensure the normal operation of the fan.