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Main structure device of wire drawing machine

Oct 09, 2020

The high-speed wire drawing machine can be used to draw various metal wires. As a commonly used wire drawing equipment, its main electrical drive parts include a drawing motor, a wire take-up motor and a wire arranging motor. Other auxiliary parts of the equipment are composed of swing rod (tension frame), positioning wheel, thread splitting wheel, and reciprocating wire rod. The drafting motor drives the wire-drawing wheel to run, the four-stage wire-drawing wheel is linked by the belt to realize the metal stretching, and the wire-winding motor realizes the winding.

From the structural point of view, the wire drawing machine is mainly composed of a winding head, a winding device, a winding departure device, a drum changing device, an oil mist lubrication device, a pneumatic device, a spray device and a head brake device. Among them, the winding head structure is that the joint part of the head main shaft and the head body adopts the conical surface meshing and positioning to maintain the rotation accuracy of the head. The structure of the machine head is a centrifugal block type, which is composed of the machine head body, the block, the block key, the pressure spring, the front cover and the back cover of the machine head.

During the operation of the wire drawing machine, the machine head will rotate at a high speed. Due to the influence of centrifugal force, the swelling block will support the winding drum and the fiber will be wound on the surface of the winding drum. When the winding ends, the machine head stops rotating, the centrifugal force disappears and the rising block falls freely to unload the drum.

The wire arranging device is also one of the necessary devices for the normal operation of the wire drawing machine. Under normal circumstances, the motion of the spiral wire arranging shaft is divided into rotary motion and reciprocating motion: the rotary motion is realized by the arranging motor through the synchronous belt transmission, and the reciprocating motion is realized by the servo motor through the synchronous belt, rolling screw assembly, and linear bearing transmission. . The reciprocating stroke is between 50mm and 200mm, and the reciprocating stroke can be adjusted by changing the position of the two limit sensors.

At the same time, the wire arranging device mainly plays two major roles: one is to make the wire arranging device move toward the machine head at the beginning of the winding process during the operation of the wire drawing machine; The elongation and the increase of the thickness of the cake will gradually move the cable to the right (also called lateral movement). Keep the distance between the flat wire and the surface layer of the wire cake constant, so as to ensure the same tension between the inner and outer layers of the wire cake.